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Navigating Surrogacy: Becky’s Personal Experience as a Surrogate Mother

In the heart of every family’s story, there are those who play pivotal roles in turning dreams into reality. Becky is one such remarkable individual. As a surrogate mother to same-sex couples not once, but three times, she has become a beacon of hope and a symbol of unconditional love. At Surrogacy Grace, we had the unique opportunity to sit down with Becky and delve into her extraordinary journey. Her story is not just about surrogacy; it’s about breaking barriers, celebrating diversity, and redefining the essence of family in our modern world.

Through this exclusive interview, Becky shares her motivations, experiences, and insights into the world of surrogacy. Her candid reflections offer a window into the emotional and transformative journey of a surrogate mother, shedding light on the profound impact her decision has had on the lives of others and on her own.

Question: “What initially sparked your interest in becoming a surrogate?”

Becky: “I actually have a very close family friend that was a surrogate with Grace. Twice. She had a sibling journey with the same family. Watching her go through the process, I knew I was done having babies, but pregnancy for me was not ever very hard. And so I felt like I could do it. And the more I researched why people turn to surrogacy, the more it felt like something that I didn’t just have the ability to do but also something I really wanted to do to help other people become families.”

Question: “What specifically drew you to Grace? What did your friend share about her experience with Grace that made you choose them over other agencies?”

Becky: “Looking at Grace and the way they walked through the initial process with me… there’s a lot of questions from both the intended parents’ perspective and the surrogacy perspective. I felt like Grace had a handle on it. They had answers, seemed knowledgeable, and had a lot of experience. That made me feel very comfortable and taken care of, even just at the beginning when I was asking questions about possibly starting a surrogacy journey. They were very involved, and that made me feel comfortable. As I’ve continued with them, that’s remained true. There’s never been a time when I was left by myself with a problem or concern. Life is crazy enough by itself. I wanted to do this, but if it became a challenge, more than a normal pregnancy kind of challenge, it would have been a turn-off. Knowing that Grace had my back was really important in deciding that I wanted to work with them.”

Surrogacy Journey

Question: Can you describe a little bit of the relationship you had with the families that you have helped? 

Becky: The second and the third one is the same family, they’re trying to have a sibling. If I was not having a sibling, I probably would not be doing this a third time. And mostly just because I’m going to be 39 next month. So I’m just feeling like I’m done having babies, but I want to help them have a baby.  But it’s very funny.  It’s like any relationship except I get two instead of one.  I have different relationships with all of the different parents, but I feel like they are an extension of our family. During COVID, we would have chats with the one couple because we were all on lockdown and we didn’t have anything else to do. And then when they came here, they spent about 12 weeks in total here. So we had Friday Night Dinner at my house, and we would play games and we would have dinner together,  they played with my kids, we went to the beach a couple of days before I had the baby and I was giant pregnant, so they took my daughters out in the water and I totally felt safe and like they were our family. They actually came back last year when the second baby was born. And the first baby had just turned two. And they spent about three weeks here just because we were here they wanted to come and visit us.  The other couple have the same kind of situation . You’re developing a relationship, so it’s gonna be different no matter what. It’s a little bit of an interesting relationship because they know about when you pee on a stick and they know about your biological health. It’s also fun explaining female problems to men that have never had to think about that before and they’re gay. So they haven’t had to be in a partnership with a woman intimately. So it’s always fun, I kind of just live, as openly and honestly as I can. And I’ve had really good relationships, I think with both of the couples.

Surrogates Journey - Gracellc

Question:  “In what ways did Grace make you feel supported and cared for? Could you describe that experience?”

Becky:  “They just seemed so knowledgeable and attentive. I’ve never had an issue getting hold of someone. At this point, I have all of their contacts, so I know if I can’t reach my particular contact, someone else will follow up with me promptly. They’re always professional, and they care. It’s not just about the intended parents; they care about my situation too. They’ve had to advocate for me on my behalf, which shows their level of commitment and consideration.”

Question: “Since this is your third time being a surrogate with Grace, can you recall a specific instance, especially from your first journey, where Grace went above and beyond to support you? Something particularly meaningful?”

Becky: “The first surrogacy journey was so unique. I got pregnant in January 2020, and then, you know, the world changed dramatically. My first surrogacy baby was born in October of 2020. Everything about that journey was different than anyone expected, myself and Grace included. While I can’t pinpoint anything specific from that time, I felt incredibly cared for and supported despite the challenges.

Then, with my second journey that started in 2021, and when I got pregnant in 2022, Grace was much more involved since the circumstances allowed. They attended appointments with me, joined me for meetings, and even had lunch with me after special appointments. There wasn’t one standout moment; it was the consistent care and attention they gave that made the difference. It never felt transactional with Grace. It’s always been about caring for their clients as people, not just as part of a process.”

Question:How did your perception of surrogacy change after your first experience?” 

Becky: “I think there’s a lot of misconceptions about surrogacy and why people would want to do this and I think that for me, it’s almost especially both of the couples. I’ve had babies for our same-sex parents. And for me, it’s a justice issue, helping them to become parents in a world that’s so challenging for them to become parents. I think people are curious because it’s such a different way to have a baby. And I think there’s a lot of room for misunderstanding. A lot of people think it’s my egg and I’m giving my baby away. For me, that was, I know other people have done that, but that was an important thing for me that it wasn’t my baby. And I think sharing, it’s not a bad thing that surrogacy exists, there’s a reason for it. So sharing what that looks like for people is really helpful.”

Question:Would you mind talking a little bit about how the compensation the financial investments that you have received to being a surrogate help to, like, what did you use for how it impacts your life? Would you mind talking a little bit about that?”

Becky:  “So the first surrogacy journey was during COVID So it was very different than we had ever imagined and the compensation, I have two kids, I was stuck at home with them. I had previously had a job. And the surrogacy money was supposed to be like, “we can do this to our house and we can do that”  And then it became money to enable us to stay home And during COVID That was a huge gift. Because I don’t know what else we would have done if that wasn’t the case.

And during the second journey, I actually bought a business. So I’m a small business owner, and it helped me to pay off that business.  It’s been that financial peace is not the only reason but it definitely has been a blessing for us.”

Question: “What message would you like to share with women considering surrogacy with Grace?”

Becky: “If you have the right mindset, and you have a good support system, and you want to help other people make a family, I strongly recommend Grace. There is a reason that they are the best. So I would never recommend another company for people to work with. But I also, it’s important to have a company that has your back. There are so many things that I wouldn’t even have considered, so many things that I wouldn’t have known what to do had Grace not been there to help us through those situations.”

In an era where the definition of family is constantly evolving, Becky’s story stands as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the limitless forms love can take. Her words resonate with a powerful message: surrogacy is not just about giving life; it’s about nurturing dreams, bridging gaps, and crafting a better, more inclusive world. As Becky’s journey with Surrogacy Grace shows, it’s about planting seeds of hope and watching them bloom into realities beyond our wildest dreams. Contact us to start your journey.

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GRACE has created a new model for surrogacy with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, and a strategic development of services to meet the unique needs of the future parents and the surrogates.



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