Resources for Surrogates

Resources for Surrogates

Becoming a surrogate is a path graced with the profound joy of helping others. Your decision to become a surrogate is bound with emotions, commitment, and above all, an innate generosity that is truly unparalleled. The journey, while rewarding, is also entwined with myriad physical and emotional intricacies. At GRACE, we comprehend the depth of this journey, providing a sanctuary where every surrogate feels cherished, supported, and enveloped in a familial warmth throughout this monumental journey.

The Importance of a Trusted Surrogacy Agency 

While the surrogacy journey is filled with hope and joy, it’s essential to tread this path with caution and the right guidance. Some individuals may contemplate undertaking surrogacy independently, without the support of an agency.

However, this approach can lack the necessary legal safeguards, potentially leading to unforeseen complications. Without proper legal backing, the process can become risky for both the surrogate and the intended parents. It’s not meant to alarm, but rather to emphasize the importance of having a trusted agency like GRACE by your side.

We ensure that every step of your journey is legally sound, emotionally supported, and medically supervised, minimizing risks and maximizing the joy and fulfillment of the surrogacy experience.


We Craft Your Surrogate Profile with Precision and Care

While many agencies leave the crucial task of creating a surrogate profile to the surrogates themselves, at GRACE, we take a hands-on approach. We understand the significance of a well-crafted profile—it’s not just a document, but a reflection of your unique journey and spirit. Our dedicated team meticulously curates each profile, ensuring it resonates with your individuality and aspirations. This personalized touch sets us apart, offering surrogates a seamless start to their journey.

Empowering Journeys: GRACE’s dedicated team

At GRACE, we believe that every surrogacy journey is unique and deeply personal. Our dedicated team of professionals is not just skilled in their respective fields but brings a wealth of cultural understanding, ensuring every woman feels supported, respected, and valued.


  • Olga Diaz, our founder, hails from Cali-Colombia and has been deeply involved in the field of Assisted Reproduction since 2007. Her passion and commitment to providing a personalized experience for both intended parents and surrogates are the foundation of GRACE.


  • Gaelle Vincent-Regan, our CEO, is a French native from Nîmes, France, who has been living in the United States since 2006. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, Gaelle ensures smooth communication between all parties involved in the surrogacy process.


  • Ashley Gray, our Director, plays an instrumental role in leading the GRACE team and upholding its core values. With her vast experience in the field of Assisted Reproduction, Ashley’s vision and dedication drive the company’s continuous growth and success. Her profound understanding of both the technical and emotional intricacies of the surrogacy journey makes her an invaluable asset to both the intended parents and the surrogates.


  • Erika Martinez, our Office Manager and Insurance Liaison, is of Mexican descent and brings her rich cultural background to the team, ensuring that every surrogate and intended parent feels at home with GRACE.


  • Catalina Leon, our Accounting Report Specialist, was also born and raised in Cali (Colombia). With her extensive experience in business administration, she ensures that the financial aspects of the surrogacy journey are handled with precision and care.

With a team that embodies such diversity, expertise, and compassion, you can rest assured that your journey with GRACE will be one of understanding, support, and dedication every step of the way.

Delivering Unwavering Support through Every Beat

The pinnacle of your surrogacy journey culminates on the delivery day—a moment that is profoundly transformative and ineffable. At GRACE, our steadfast presence is your anchor, offering a comforting embrace, kind words, and unwavering support as you welcome a new life into the waiting arms of hopeful parents.

Nadine R., a surrogate, shares her experience: “I am very lucky to have chosen them and as well been given the chance to give them this gift of life. The GRACE team was so supportive and guided me every step of the way. They were consistently available and always responded promptly. Anything I was uncertain about or had queries on, they would elucidate, often in more detail than the doctors and nurses. The GRACE team and my surrogate parents made my journey truly remarkable and unforgettable.”

The Afterglow of Your Surrogacy Journey

Your surrogacy journey doesn’t conclude with the delivery. GRACE ensures that the bonds forged through this incredible voyage extend beyond, weaving a tapestry of lifelong connections with our team and the joyous new families birthed through your generosity. Your benevolence creates endless ripples of happiness and for that, our doors, hearts, and support remain perpetually open to you.

It’s not just the surrogates that feel this eternal connection and immeasurable gratitude. Intended parents, Pierre & Hervé shared their heartfelt journey with GRACE: 

“…Their professionalism, dedication, responsiveness, knowledge of surrogacy, kindness, attentiveness, and empathy were incredibly valuable to us. They supported us every day throughout this long, thrilling, exhilarating, but also stressful journey that surrogacy can be, all the way until the birth of our children and even afterward. We will never be grateful enough to GRACE and their entire team for enabling us to become parents. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts and within our family.”

Let GRACE Be Your Compass in this Noble Voyage

Your gift to one family is a beacon of hope, love, and immeasurable happiness, echoing through generations. As you ponder on embarking on this generous path, we invite you to step into a family that cherishes, honors, and supports you in every heartbeat of your journey.

With GRACE, your noble story unfolds, woven into the tapestry of countless families whose dreams have been realized through your altruism. Join us in weaving these tales of hope, and let your journey, from application to post-partum, be enveloped in the unwavering support and familial warmth of GRACE.

Together, let’s create boundless stories of hope, life, and everlasting bonds. Let the tales of Nadine, Pierre & Hervé, and countless others inspire your first steps into a journey where your generosity births endless joy.

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