Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Imagine this: You’re moments away from meeting the surrogate who will carry your future child. It’s an experience filled with deep emotions – a mix of hope, joy, and a bit of natural anxiety. For you, as intended parents, this isn’t just a routine meeting. It’s the start of a beautiful and unique journey. We at Surrogacy Grace fully appreciate the significance of this encounter. This isn’t just an introduction; it’s the forging of a special bond, a shared commitment to a dream that’s about to become a tangible, heartwarming reality.

And you might be wondering, “When will I be matched with a surrogate?” – The matching process begins once your embryos have been created. This ensures that we find the perfect match for you, considering all the important factors that make this journey successful and fulfilling for everyone involved.

But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through everything you need to know about this pivotal first meeting. It’s not just a formality; it’s the beginning of a beautiful and collaborative relationship that will bring your dreams closer to reality.

The Essence of the First Meeting

This meeting, which usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes, is a moment where two paths meet for a singular dream. At Surrogacy GRACE, many of our intended parents are from different countries, so the first encounter with the surrogate is often via a video conference on Zoom.

However, if the intended parents are local, a face-to-face meeting is a lovely option.

Key Topics and Questions for Your First Meeting

As you prepare for this significant meeting, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the topics that will be discussed and the questions that might arise. This conversation sets the tone for your relationship moving forward.

Typical Questions From Surrogates Might Include:

Your plans for visiting during the pregnancy and attending the birth.

  • Whether your family is aware of and supportive of your surrogacy journey.
  • The support system you’ll have once the baby is born.
  • Your timeline and readiness to start the surrogacy process.
  • How you envision your involvement throughout the surrogacy journey.

The meeting is an opportunity for both parties to ask questions, here’s a few questions to consider asking:

  • Is your family supportive of your decision to be a surrogate?
  • Would you be willing to pump breast milk?
  • What are your hobbies or favorite activities during your time off?
  • Understand her motivations: What inspired you to become a surrogate?

Sensitive Topics with Care:

It’s important to approach sensitive subjects such as abortion or reduction in the case of medical issues with respect and understanding. These are not just clinical decisions but emotional ones that require empathy and mutual agreement.

Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Meeting:

  • DO be curious and open. Learn about your surrogate’s life beyond her role in your journey.
  • DON’T turn the meeting into an interrogation or a list of demands. Remember, surrogates are guided by medical professionals.
  • DO discuss your hopes and expectations for communication, but keep it flexible and open-ended.
  • DON’T delve into financial discussions; these are handled separately through legal channels.
  • DO share your story and listen to hers. This journey is about mutual understanding and respect.
  • DON’T stress over the conversation. This is a chance to connect, not a formal interview.
  • DO be yourself. Authenticity is key to building a genuine and lasting relationship.

Personal Stories and Testimonials

As you embark on this journey, it’s encouraging to hear from those who have walked this path before. Here’s a heartwarming testimonial from Arnould and Benoit, who experienced the joy of parenthood through surrogacy with Grace:

In our family project, we were accompanied by Olga and Gaëlle from Grace LLC agency. It was important for us to share our project with trustworthy people, who were attentive to our needs and capable of reassuring us at any moment about all the events encountered on this journey. Olga and Gaëlle have been incredible during these four years, both on a human and professional level. The enormous amount of administrative work required for this journey was perfectly managed and structured by Olga and Gaëlle. This allowed us to fully enjoy this adventure with the surrogate mothers who gave us the immense joy of becoming fathers to two little girls. For the birth of our daughters, Olga and Gaëlle were flawlessly present, available, reassuring, taking care of registrations, legal recordings, appointment scheduling… They simply ensured that the arrival of our two little girls took place in the best conditions and that we would keep an indelible and very moving memory of this family project

Stories like these remind us of the profound impact of our work and the joy it brings to families. They are a testament to the dedication and care we provide at every step of the surrogacy journey. Read others’ testimonials

Will a GRACE team member be with me on this first meeting?

Yes! The GRACE team will be present during your first meeting, offering guidance and support every step of the way. We understand that this is a significant moment filled with emotions and questions, and our role is to ensure that everything goes smoothly. So, there’s no need to stress about filling in the blanks or managing the conversation – we’re here to help.

This first meeting is more than just an introduction; it’s the foundation of a beautiful partnership that will bring your dreams of parenthood to life. With GRACE by your side, you can look forward to a journey marked by understanding, compassion, and shared joy. Contact us and start your journey.

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