Resources for Surrogates

Resources for Surrogates

Deciding to become a surrogate mother, especially considering questions like how to become a surrogate in California, is an incredibly generous and life-altering choice. The journey is unique, challenging, and undoubtedly rewarding. For those who wonder at what age can you become a surrogate or the specific surrogate mother age limit, it’s essential to note that while some women consider the journey as early as 18, the age requirements might vary depending on the region and agency.

Yet, when it comes time to share this decision with family, friends, and even coworkers, the conversation can become a bit tricky. In an era where surrogacy is becoming more common but is still misunderstood by many, the way you approach this conversation is crucial. In this blog, we aim to offer guidance for surrogate mothers, especially for those considering becoming a surrogate mother in California, on how to smoothly reveal their surrogacy decision.

Understand Your Reasons First

Before speaking to others, it’s essential to be clear on your motivations. Reasons to become a surrogate can vary, ranging from the deep-seated desire to help another family, a personal connection to infertility, or even the noble cause of becoming a surrogate mother for gay parents.

Choose the Right Time and Place

Sharing your decision to become a surrogate isn’t everyday coffee-table talk. Select a quiet, comfortable space where you can discuss your choice without interruptions. It’s also wise to pick a time when the listener is relatively relaxed and open to conversation.


Be Prepared for a Range of Reactions

Reactions might span a spectrum, from admiration and support to skepticism or confusion. Be patient, and remember that their initial response may be due to a lack of understanding or personal beliefs.

Educate with Empathy

Most people have limited knowledge about surrogacy. When revealing your decision, it’s an opportunity to educate. Share facts, dispel myths, and discuss the rigorous processes and screenings involved in becoming a surrogate mother in California. Highlight the legal protections in place, the medical advances that make surrogacy safe, and the emotional journey you’re prepared to undertake.

Share Personal Stories

Connecting your surrogacy decision with a personal narrative can help make the concept more relatable. If you’ve seen firsthand the struggles of infertility or have been touched by a surrogacy story, especially those involving becoming a surrogate mother for gay parents, share it. Personal experiences often resonate more than abstract explanations.

Set Boundaries Early On

Ensure you communicate any boundaries regarding your surrogacy journey. Whether it’s related to privacy, the level of detail you’re comfortable sharing, or interactions with the intended parents, setting clear boundaries will help prevent misunderstandings later on.

Offer Resources

Having informative articles, blogs, or videos about surrogacy can be beneficial. Guide them to reputable sources where they can get unbiased, accurate information. This not only validates your decision but also allows them to delve deeper into the topic if they wish, exploring both the pros and cons of becoming a surrogate mother.



Remember: It’s Your Journey

While it’s important to be considerate of others’ feelings, remember that this journey is yours. You’ve chosen this path for reasons deeply personal to you. While support from loved ones is invaluable, it’s crucial to stand by your decision confidently.


Revealing your decision to become a surrogate mother is an intimate conversation that requires patience, understanding, and often a touch of education. By preparing yourself with the right knowledge, understanding your motivations, and approaching the subject with empathy, you can make the discussion smoother and more constructive. Remember, your choice to become a surrogate is a powerful testament to your generosity and strength, and with the right approach, you can help others understand and appreciate it too.

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