Resources for Surrogates

Resources for Surrogates

Grace LLC extends a warm welcome to women contemplating or who have made the decision to embrace the transformative journey of becoming a surrogate mother. These brave, altruistic women are the architects of dreams for countless individuals longing for the elation of parenthood. For those still exploring this path, our aim is to equip you with comprehensive knowledge about the surrogate process, its challenges, and the profound rewards accompanying this unique journey.

Why Grace LLC?

Choosing to become a surrogate with Grace LLC means embarking on an incredible journey of delivering joy to prospective parents while receiving deserved support, respect, and financial compensation. Many of our surrogate mothers employ this compensation to realize personal aspirations, like Terry V, who used her surrogacy journey to build up her hair business while maintaining the flexibility to raise her daughter full time. “Choosing GRACE as my agency was the best choice I made. I would’ve NEVER found the family I matched with, without them, the family who is now my second family,” Terry recalls.

To ensure a smooth and fulfilling journey, get to know our Surrogacy Director, Ashley Gray. A six-time surrogate herself, Ashley’s dedication to her role is deeply rooted in personal experience. She understands the hopes, fears, and emotional complexities that surrogates and future parents face. Her background in the medical field, from obtaining a B.S. in Respiratory Therapy to becoming a certified Birth Doula, equip her to guide and support you with empathy and understanding.

Ashley shares, ‘My relationship with GRACE is a unique one. Not only have I done 4 of my 6 surrogacy journeys with GRACE LLC but I found GRACE while I was working as a 3rd party IVF coordinator for a fertility clinic. The personal touches and care given to me by GRACE made my last 4 journeys not only stress free but actually truly enjoyable. Their attention to details and commitment to doing everything 100% correctly is exactly what future surrogates should look for in an agency. I am truly thankful for GRACE & all they have done for me.’

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Why choose Grace LLC as your Surrogacy Agency?

Experience and Expertise:
Grace LLC, with its cohort of medical professionals, legal experts, and experienced surrogates, offers unparalleled proficiency and insight in the surrogacy realm. Our combined expertise guarantees that you receive the pinnacle of care and support throughout your journey. Nadine R can attest to this, noting, “The GRACE team was so supportive as well and helped me every step of the way. They were always available and responded in a timely manner.”

Comprehensive Support: Our mission transcends surrogacy; we are here to support you from inception to completion and beyond. We believe every surrogate is unique, and we are devoted to ensuring your comfort, happiness, and well-being throughout the process.

Smooth Journey:
Our goal is to streamline your surrogacy journey, courtesy of our meticulous attention to detail and customized care, ensuring your journey is as rewarding as you envision. Surrogate Kimberly G shares, “My experience as a surrogate through Grace was EPIC! The overall support I received during my pregnancy and continue to receive to this day from Grace has made me feel loved, appreciated, honored, and sincerely cared for.”

As you explore our website, you will discover that Grace LLC is committed to your success. Our innovative model for surrogacy emphasizes quality over quantity, with strategic service development to meet the distinctive needs of future parents and surrogates.

We are confident that our approach, expertise, commitment, and passion will assist you in effectively navigating your surrogacy journey. Whether your dream involves becoming a parent or helping others create or expand their families, our ultimate goal is for you to realize it in a positive and enjoyable manner while experiencing minimal financial risk and emotional stress.

Grace LLC is pledged to lead the industry by setting standards that foster a positive difference in the future parents’ and surrogates’ journey experiences.

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Before embarking on a surrogacy journey, it’s essential to be well-informed. Here are five essential insights to understand about being a surrogate with Grace LLC:

Surrogates don’t contribute their DNA: As a surrogate, you won’t be using your eggs for the baby you carry. The child won’t be genetically related to you, allowing you to focus on the nurturing role you play in this process.

Surrogates receive compensation throughout their journey: Our surrogates are compensated throughout their entire journey, not just at the end. This continuous recognition of your invaluable contribution includes reimbursement for all expenses, including medical, mileage, travel, lost wages, and childcare.
Surrogates have a say in their matching process: We ensure that our surrogates have a significant say in their matching process. We work diligently to match you with intended parents who share your values and expectations.

Surrogates participate in the IVF process: As a surrogate, you’ll be an integral part of the IVF process, which includes administering injections as part of the preparation for embryo transfer.

Surrogates experience a joyful goodbye: One of the most beautiful moments in the surrogacy journey is handing over the baby to the intended parents. This moment is a joyful culmination of a meaningful journey.

We, at Grace LLC, understand that deciding to become a surrogate is a significant life decision. We’re here to support you every step of the way. Together, let’s embark on this life-altering journey! Contact us!

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